Fonon Corporation Introduces Updated Mid-sized CNC Laser Cutting System

CNC-programmable SBM-1200FL combines plug and play industrial laser metal processing and a compact 4 x 4 form factor

LAKE MARY, FL, March 28, 2016 – Fonon Corporation (OTC: FNON) today unveiled the newest addition to its line of industrial mid-size CNC laser metal cutting, marking, and engraving systems, the SBM-1200FL.  The SBM-1200FL benefits from the same improvements made recently to its Titan FX line of laser metal cutting systems, including the latest advancements in laser technology, user interface improvements familiar to any CNC machinist, and additional hardware improvements—all in a four by four form factor.

Available standard with Fonon’s advanced laser technology, the SBM-1200FL is offered in a wide range of customizable laser wattages, up to 1kW.  Its advanced laser eliminates the external mirrors and delicate equipment which plague flying optics systems, instead delivering the laser via progressive fiber optics and allowing the beam to achieve cutting speeds of three to four times that of other cutting systems of comparable wattage.

The SBM-1200FL can processes the widest range of industrial materials possible, and its advanced laser is particularly effective at cutting highly-reflective metals such as aluminum, copper, brass, titanium, stainless steel, nickel and bronze.

Programmable by any machinist in native G-code, the SBM-1200FL is driven by a PC-based CNC closed-loop motion control unit.

As with other recent product releases in the Laser Photonics family, the SBM-1200FL is equipped standard with Direct Drive Motion System technology, a magnetic, linear drive system which effectively levitates the cutting head smoothly and quickly across the working surface area.

“The rising tide of customer demand for industrial laser processing in a four by four form factor continues to direct a spotlight on the SBM-1200FL,” said Jay Schlegel, vice president of Fonon Corporation. “The ability for machinists to program the system natively in G-code, the most widely-used programming language for computer-aided manufacturing, combined with the latest advancements in laser technology, place the SBM-1200FL as a crowning addition to our flat-bed laser cutting lines. “

Fonon’s advanced laser cutting technology is scheduled to be included as optional equipment in all cutting, marking, and engraving products available under the Laser Photonics brand during Q2 2016.

The SBM-1200FL is available immediately.