Energy Independent Communities

energy independent communities

Energy Independent Communities’ 25 x 25 Resolution

The American vision for energy independent communities is to create “green” power areas that generate 25 percent of their electricity and 25 percent of their transportation fuels from renewable resources by 2025.

Nature provides us with all that we need. Some of what is provided will run out, much of it will constantly renew and never expire. While we are not provided with electricity that we use to power so much of our everyday lives, we are given renewable resources that can be harnessed to make our own electricity. We can almost abandon the resources that we use so much to produce power now, (coal, oil, gas), that will run out. Instead, we can utilize the cleaner, renewable resources, along with some technology, so that most of us can equip our houses and businesses to run independently, off the grid so to speak. This lean, clean, green power model is what many governments are now promoting.

Beyond Energy Independent Communities

Living off the grid is a step further than being independent of the power company. Energy independent communities are those that can operate without depending on the grid, but aren’t necessarily completely off the grid. Energy independent communities can still connect to the grid in a way that the power companies will buy electricity from the individual energy efficient little power generators within the community, and use it to supplement the old style of power it supplies to other homes and businesses that have not yet bought into the make your own electricity program.

Not surprisingly, Wisconsin does a great job of promoting energy independent communities by publicly honoring those that assert that they will realize the 25 x 25 resolution.

It’s not surprising because Wisconsin and Iowa do a good job of promoting renewable energy through their Office of Energy Independence Web sites. Many states have such an office, but these two states have active Web sites promoting their belief and participation.

Do you know of a community or neighborhood that commits to the 25 x 25 Resolution? Let us know below.