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3D Metal Printing Systems:  Fastest Path To MRL10

Bulk-To-Shape Transformational Technology (BTS) represents the company’s continuously growing umbrella of building-block technologies supported by patents, licenses, next-generation hardware and proprietary metal processing IP dedicated to designing specialized 3D metal printing systems for manufacturing purposes representing the fastest path to MRL10 production readiness.

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  • Automated build-plate technology extends metal printed parts out to 1.5m x 3m
  • Proprietary multi-kilowatt laser designed for 3D metal additive manufacturing
  • LaserComb technology reduces manufacturing times and unit-to-unit variations
  • Beam spot remains circular and constant in size & peak intensity across build-plate
  • Laser illumination across powder bed is constant and predictable with no hotspots
  • Specialized 3D metal AM systems based on metal print part specification
  • Powder generator produces uniform powder free of oxide for qualified applications

  • Direct Drive Motion System transports laser orthogonal across the powder bed
  • Sealed digital encoder 100% maintenance-free with laser placement accuracy of 5μm
  • Build rate: 5 cm³ – 40 cm³ per hour
  • Printing speed 2000 – 3000 mm/s
  • Positioning speed (max.) 6000-12000 mm/s
  • Layer thickness 20 – 100 µm
  • Min Wall Thickness 150 – 1000 mkm

  • Metallic powders include Aluminum AlSi10Mg, Stainless Steel 316L and 17-4PH, Titanium Ti6Al4V, cobalt-chrome (ASTM75), Inconel 718 and 625.  Fonon’s continuously expanding portfolio of specialized powder materials are certified to work well with  3D BTS metal printing systems.  Metal printing has a wide range of applications in aerospace, automotive, military/defense, space, and medical.  Click here for more information

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Medical Applications


Military Applications


Industrial Applications


Automotive Applications


Laser-based material processing for the creation of complex 3D metal parts

Fonon’s 3D laser metal printing systems use a layered, digitally-driven additive manufacturing process that directs high-quality, focused laser energy to fuse metal powders into 3D objects. Production-quality parts and metal prototypes at sizes up to 1.5 meters x 3 meters can be built directly from a 3D computer model.

Early adopters of customized 3D printing systems are benefitting in several industries, including aerospace, medical, military industrial, and automotive.

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