Laser Scriber Systems

Scribing SystemsThe Fantom™ scribing systems utilize Zero Width Laser Cutting Technology® (ZWLCT®) which allow scribing applications to be processed with tremendous speed, no material loss, and no chips or other debris associated with conventional scribing techniques, thereby eliminating the cleaning and grinding line. It incorporates a new generation modular design laser and precision direct drive high resolution linear motion system forming a precision, stand alone, small foot print, automatic tool which can be easily integrated into an inline system. The Fantom™ laser scribers are designed to increase efficiency providing higher throughput rates and continually proving to be the more cost effective solution.

Laser Marking Systems

Fiber Tower SeriesFiber Laser marking is the most flexible type of direct marking available. The ability to change various laser parameters offers the ultimate in control, quality and speed. These Fiber Laser Marking (FLM) Systems utilize the latest advancements in laser-based material processing. The Fiber Laser marking process is permanent, fast, and flexible, allowing for annealing, etching, engraving and surface marking. Fiber Laser technology offers significant advantages over CO2 lasers and has the ability to mark a wide variety of materials including bare metals, anodized metals, coated metals, coated plastics, ceramics, silicon and thin film etching.

Laser Wafer Dicing Systems

Wafer Dicing SystemsFonon’s basic Wafer Dicing System incorporates Fantom Width Laser Dicing Technology™, an innovative method of splitting brittle materials without generating a visible seam. It is a basic method of controlled propagation of Micro-Cracks™. This process allows damage-free dicing of thin silicon and is capable of producing the smallest street widths which, in return, provide additional space for more parts per wafer. Thus, the single step process results in reduction of cost and processing time per wafer and the dry process eliminates the use of water and additional handling steps.

Coating Removal Systems

Coating Removal Systems Fonon developed a system for a unique one step technique that removes the conductive coating using a high intensity laser beam while leaving the substrate intact. The process vaporizes the surface substrate in order to leave the spaces necessary for the proper circuit configuration. The wavelength of laser and energy transmission is ideal for removing the conductive coating without damaging the film or glass unlike other laser processes.