PV Tracking Systems

The Fonon 1.5 kW dual-axis solar tracker maximizes solar tracking performance while reducing costs and operational risks for large commercial and utility scale solar power plants. The solar tracker uses a motor and GPS (Global Positioning System) to turn the solar PV panels both from east to west and up and down to ensure the panels always follow the sun’s elevation. The Fonon solar tracker system features six high-efficiency crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules. Compared to a fixed array of the same production capacity, the Fonon solar tracker will produce up to 37% more electricity.  Additionally, scalable sizes make this tracker well suited for commercial applications.


Easy Installation and Moving
– Two man assembly
– Simplified wiring
– Standard nut/bolt installation

Easy Operation
– Easy Cleaning
– Maintenance free
– Protection from corrosion

AC Motor and Integrated Tracking Controller
– Minimum power consumption from energy efficient motor
– Reduced mechanical wear from soft start feature
– Reliable components for electrical stability
– Smooth rotation decreases mechanical wear