Fiber Laser Cutting Systems


The FLC Series High Power Fiber Laser Cutting System is designed to consistently meet the high demands of the metal processing industry. The FLC Series combines the latest developments in fiber laser technology, motion system technology and PC based CNC controls. It is the most advanced, industrial grade, fiber laser cutting on the market.

  • Equipped with the latest in high power fiber laser technology
  • Fiber optic beam delivery system
  • Most advanced PC based CNC control with touch-screen user interface and complete network capabilities

The FLC Series standard design was developed to ensure the most accurate cutting capabilities, while maintaining the industry’s most energy efficient footprint. The FLC Series Cutting System was engineered with a user-friendly CNC control interface to ease transition from existing CO2 systems and for manufacturing plants first introducing fiber laser cutting systems into their processes.

FLC  features a large flatbed multipurpose fiber laser cutting system built from state of the art technology. This system is equipped with a high-power energy-efficient fiber laser, an advanced direct drive motion control platform, and a single pallet shuttle table.

Standard Features

• Standard sizes available (ft.): 4 x 8 [1.2m x 2.4m], 5 x 10 [1.5m x 3m], 6.5 x 13.12 [2m x 4m]

• High pressure gas assist N2, Ar or O2 gas-assisted cutting under pressures of up to 250 psi

• Motorized Single shuttle material handling system

• Fully enclosed Class I safety system

• Water chiller

• Software controlled X-Y orthogonality

• Control terminal with touch screen monitor

• Diode pointer for visual alignment

System Capabilities & Benefits

• Fully software-controlled mechanical geometry alignment eliminating special requirements for installation

• Latest generation 1064nm fiber laser up to 10,000 watt CW power

• G-code programming for experienced CNC operators

• No optical system alignment, no laser service necessary

• Smallest HAZ (heat-affected zone) in the industry

• Lowest operating cost among all laser types

• Simple installation allows for quick start-up

• Ultra-low power consumption for its class

• No replacement parts on laser necessary

• No beam delivery system maintenance

• Minimum maintenance required

Applications & Materials

(Ideal applications are highly reflective metals & materials)

• High-speed sheet metal cutting

• Automotive frames cutting

• Coated & Plated Metals

• Anodized Aluminum

• Opaque Plastics

• Medical devices

• Laser sintering

• Silicon cutting

• Stainless Steel

• Blank cutting

• Aircraft Skins

• Plate cutting

• Alloy Metals

• Composites

• Aluminum

• Mild Steel

• Titanium

• Graphite

• Copper

• And More


• Automatic focus: capacitor sensor

• Dual Motorized Shuttle tables

• Duplex lenses: 2.5”, 3.75”, 5”, 7” and 10”

• Fiber Coupler

• Worksheet Clamps

• External Exhaust/Fume Extraction System