Unique Capabilities

What makes us unique is a combination of distinct capabilities that include:

Advanced Technologies

Display and Semiconductor Technology

Utilizing the patented technologies which demonstrate the highest level of precision known to man, Fonon’s focus on the semiconductor and flat panel display industry have allowed us to patent the following technologies:
— ZWLCT® – Zero Width Laser Cutting Technology
— QLWT® – Quartz Laser Welding Technology
— SSL® – Solid State Lapping
— FWLDT® – Fantom Wafer Laser Dicing Technology

Technological breakthroughs in Fiber and CO2 Laser material processing equipment.

Engineering Excellence

Talented, innovative engineers with a mission to create solutions that take customers to higher levels of performance. Fonon electrical and civil engineering teams set the bar for solar plant construction.  Fonon engineers create the most energy-efficient and aesthetic power plant designs available in the industry.

 Integrated Systems

Comprehensive systems capabilities and a reputation for designing, building and delivering high-performance solutions for the most demanding applications.

Alternative Energy Technology

Fully integrated solar photovoltaic power generation, covering all segments of the solar power value chain; from the manufacturing of Glass-to-Glass PV modules to turnkey American Private Power Plants. Alternative energy technologies include bi-facial glass-to-glass panels, smart modules, and integrated solar arrays.

Military and Field Technology

EGV by FononFrom Energy Storage to EGVs (Energy Generating Vehicles). EGVs provide quiet, on-site, clean energy generation for government agencies such as the Department of Defense, Homeland Security, and FEMA.