Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC)

Our in-house EPC team of engineers, designers, project managers and technicians have been involved in projects ranging from 5 kW residential systems (SunHouse ) to utility scale installations of 1 MW and larger. Our in-house EPC and O&M teams specialize in providing the following services: site inspection; project economics and solar generation; technical planning; engineering; procurement; construction; and commissioning and grid connection.

Energy Independent Buildings & Communities

Energy independent communities provide emission-free, state-of-the-art photovoltaic powered homes, retail spaces and community facilities. Powered by clean, renewable solar energy, an energy independent community consumes less kW hours than it produces. By converting sunlight directly to electricity, solar photovoltaic systems consume no fuel, use no water, produce no waste and do not produce greenhouse gases. It’s an approach that reaps huge dividends for the planet and the economy, helping to end our dependence on foreign oil. Unlike traditional energy production that is affected by the price volatility of fuel or coal, solar energy provides a source that is virtually inexhaustible. This allows full departure from traditional grid-dependent energy and allows the communities of the future to produce energy at the place of consumption and become truly energy independent.

Turnkey Solar Farms

Our solar farms feature a new generation PV ground-mount system featuring the use of helical anchors that make the installation of large PV solar projects simpler and far more efficient. We offer turnkey solutions that include engineering, design, installation, operations and maintenance.