Fonon’s Additive Manufacturing Paired With AI To Usher in New Possibilities

ORLANDO, Fla., June 28, 2024Fonon Corporation, a multi-market holding company, R&D center, equipment designer and manufacturer of advanced laser material processing systems for subtractive and additive manufacturing, highlights benefits of its Bulk-To-Shape (BTS) additive manufacturing/3D metal printing technology when combined with the power of artificial intelligence (AI). The BTS technology is currently being developed by Fonon and has not been fully commercialized.

Additive manufacturing (AM), commonly referred to as 3D printing or digital fabrication, is rapidly expanding across various industries due to its numerous benefits. In contrast to conventional manufacturing methods that often involve molding or subtractive techniques that lead to excess material waste, AM technology allows for the creation of intricate designs with little material loss.

AI is becoming an integral part of industrial workflows, and metal 3D printing is set to advance dramatically with AI assistance. Industry specialists currently view AI as a “co-piloting” tool that enhances processes rather than as the sole driver of operations. AI analysis will allow BTS system users to redesign or adjust processes before fabrication to prevent potential defects and refine the final output, significantly reducing the cost and time needed for process optimization.

Another potential for AI lies in its language processing capabilities. By integrating generative AI into system controllers, the dependency on specialized knowledge and training for operation can be significantly reduced. In addition, AI-powered support systems can provide real-time preventive guidance to operators, lowering the margin of error.

Decision-makers in both private companies and government-affiliated entities have been exploring the benefits of metal 3D printing in various challenging environments. Additive manufacturing promises significant advantages, including customizable production, optimal material usage, efficient inventory management, time savings and the creation of lighter yet stronger components. When coupled with AI, additive manufacturing can accelerate productivity in new ways, ushering in the new automated production era.

Leveraging its cutting-edge technology, Fonon is seizing a unique opportunity in a market with limited frontrunners. The company is developing a system powered by BTS technology to offer various industries a new material management method, recycling either obsolete parts or raw materials into fully functional components.

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