Fonon Corporation Highlights Applications for Its Laser Cutting Technology in Kitchenware Production

ORLANDO, Fla., April 5, 2024Fonon Corporation, a multi-market holding company, R&D center, equipment designer and manufacturer of advanced laser material processing systems for subtractive and additive manufacturing, highlights applications for its laser cutting technologies in kitchenware manufacturing.

Rising disposable income, increase in healthy eating practices and the integration of smart technologies into appliances are just a few factors propelling the kitchenware market forward. From single-family households to the dining and hospitality sectors, the demand for high-quality, durable kitchen equipment is growing. As top brands in the industry compete to provide premium cooking products and kitchen solutions, they employ the latest cutting-edge practices in manufacturing.

Kitchenware manufacturing involves precision-cutting metals including stainless steel, copper and aluminum – these conduct heat quickly and evenly, tolerate rapid changes in temperature, and are chemically unreactive so they do not alter food flavor. Fonon presents a high-precision solution for these needs with its Titan FX Laser Cutting System.

The Titan FX laser cutting technology employs non-contact processing with a low heat affected zone, ensuring minimal deformation. Materials are cut rapidly with low error rates, resolving chief deficiencies found in traditional processes. Furthermore, laser cutting requires no harmful additives and produces no residue as a byproduct, making this process not only safe for the environment, but also for the components’ consequent application in food processing equipment.

Titan FX delivers value through its advanced Direct Drive Motion System, CleanCut technology and adaptive thin-to-thick fiber laser beam shaping. These benefit cookware manufacturers and other businesses that need to precisely cut highly reflective metals at production-level speed, balancing maximum accuracy with high acceleration. With the effectiveness of the Titan FX, manufacturers can save time and money through more economical and sustainable operations while also achieving superior edge quality on thick plates and high-speed cutting of thin material.
Increases in speed, strength and quality, plus a reduction in manufacturing waste, benefit adopters of the technology. That is why Fonon laser technologies continue to gain momentum across virtually all industries. For more information about Fonon Corporation’s laser cutting technology, please visit

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