Upgrade, Rent Or Trade-In Your Laser Marking And Engraving System

First Time User:
Looking to incorporate laser based marking and engraving services for value added revenue or upgrading to a faster laser based printing technology for Direct Parts Marking that is permanent, non-removable and legible?  Rent a LaserTower Compact or MarkStar Professional to gain the experience and market your new services before you decide to buy.  Renting is lower risk, less expensive and requires no capital equipment funding.

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Upgrade Your Current System:
Upgrade your older 20W Fiber laser marking and engraving system with a new 50W Fiber laser essentially resetting the MTBF clock back to zero and more than double your throughput rate.  Upgrading your existing system makes since to expand capacity without having to purchase a new system.  Easer to upgrade from operational funding sources than the challenging process to secure approval through your company’s capital equipment funding process.

Trade-In Your Older System: 
When it is time to purchase a new marking and engraving system, trade-in your old system to receive credit towards the purchase of a new Fiber laser marking and engraving system.  Fonon will perform a QC diagnostic test to determine what hardware is salvageable for our applications lab or refurbished system program and receive credit towards the purchase of a new marking and engraving system from our extended family of LaserTower Marking and Engraving Systems.

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