Fonon to Develop Energy Generating Vehicles with Battery Energy Storage System

Deployable photovoltaic mobile power generation designed for smart tactical micro grids.

Arlington, VA, USA, November 27, 2012–Fonon™ Corporation, a diverse product solutions company providing comprehensive design, manufacturing, and technology services to global companies, today announced it is developing a new energy generating vehicle (EGV) as a solution for energy use on the battlefield.

EGV’s allow for mobile deployment of vehicles that produce energy at the source it is consumed. Equipped with photovoltaic energy generating systems, these vehicles can be used to power the on-board systems or to energize a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS).

Used as a stand-alone energy source, a BESS provides remote locations with a dependable source of energy. They can be deployed fully charged or in conjunction with energy generating vehicles, can be recharged while deployed in order to provide a constant energy source for mobile command stations or emergency management scenarios.

The Fonon EGV is a mobile energy hub that can be used for all tactical and support vehicles.

A battery energy storage system can exist as part of an EGV or a stand-alone armored unit. An armored container can serve as electrical power storage housing and forms a power hub. Any military or emergency response vehicle can be directly connected to a power hub.

The Fonon EGV features a 50kW mobile array of bifacial cell dual sided glass modules. Bifacial modules generate more electricity by converting direct, radiant and scattered solar energy on both the front and the back side of the module. Glass-to-Glass (G2G) modules provide dual sided protection of silicon materials from extreme weather conditions. Thinner glass ensures less heat, thermal stability, resistance to impact and elimination of micro fractures: thereby reducing the probability of mechanical damage to the modules.

Reducing demand for energy on the battlefield is a goal for the DoD.  EGVs help to increase the energy efficiency of operations; limit the risk troops face as they use, transport and store energy; and minimize defense dollars spent on consuming energy. The DoD Operational Energy Strategy is to “integrate energy efficiency and renewable energy into our forces, installations, base camps and operations around the world.”

Fonon ™ Corporation

Fonon Corporation is a diverse product solutions company providing comprehensive design, manufacturing, and technology services to global aerospace, construction, defense, energy, industrial, photonics, and solar companies.  For a quarter century, Fonon has been an innovator leading the way from energy efficiency to energy independence.



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